Files Folder

Here is where files can be uploaded to Branch8; it will generate a URL for the file, and supports Compressed (.zip), images (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif), fonts (.otf, .ttf) files.

Tags can be added to each file to help better organize and search for specific files in the future.

To upload files:

Simply Press “Upload Files”, and drag & drop files from your computer, or click on the file icon to select the file you’d like to upload.

To add tags to the images:

  1. Press “Export” to get a spreadsheet of all your files.

  2. Then tags can be added to the 'metaTags' column, each tag separated by a comma ( , )

  3. Save file (supported formats: .csv, .xls, .xlsx)

  4. Upload the spreadsheet by pressing the “Bulk Edit File Tags” button, and select the file desired to upload.

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