Orders List

The “Orders List” page displays all your orders from all marketplaces you’re connected to, their status, and other related info. You can also update an order’s status, input their tracking numbers, and print shipping labels (for supported marketplaces only) here.

Note that because each marketplace has their own shipping statuses, we have combined them into one system:

a. Awaiting Payments

  • order in process, but payment not yet confirmed

b. Ready To Ship

  • order received and confirmed; pending seller to ship

c. Partially Shipped

  • when a tracking number is added to one of the items in a multi-item order

d. Shipped

  • once tracking number is inputted

e. Delivered

  • order is delivered and the shipping status is updated on the marketplace

f. Other

  • Returned , Cancelled , Cancel Pending , Invoice Unconfirmed , Payment Failed , Unfulfillable , Failed Delivery

To view order details:

Expand the order by pressing the “+” box on the left, which reveals info such as recipient name, address, product name, price, etc

To update order status and tracking number:

1.Press View or Add Tracking Numbers

2.Choose a shipment carrier, and

3.Input tracking number, and press “Add Tracking Number”

4.Your tracking info will be synced to the corresponding marketplace.

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